Mazars and the CGCUC held the event: "Business overview and directories 2022"

On Friday, March 25, 2022, Mazars and the Center for Corporate Governance of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (CGCUC) held the breakfast event "Business Outlook and Directories 2022".

On the occasion, Francisco Pérez Mackenna, general manager of Quiñenco, stated that risk management is more important today. He also explained that the whole world is discussing what the role of the company should be. Does it have to serve shareholders or stakeholders? In his opinion, this question has not yet been resolved.

Then, Nicolás Shea, founder of Cumplo, highlighted the importance of collaboration between startups and companies. In addition, in his opinion, "competitive advantage is having a clear purpose, everything else can change, but the purpose should not change, although hopefully it can grow and expand."

Meanwhile, George Lagarias, chief economist at Mazars, analyzed the global economic outlook and its prospects for this year, in which he highlighted inflation as the leading role, as well as the risk of real stagflation that exists today in many countries. In the case of Chile, he pointed out that it is the best economy in the region, with a low level of debt, although the regional and global panorama is very complex.

The welcoming words of this meeting with company directors were given by Matías Zegers, executive president of the CGCUC.

This breakfast event joins other activities carried out in recent years by Mazars and CGCUC.