Transfer pricing services

Market research consistently shows that for international business, transfer pricing continues to be the most significant international tax issue.

Tax audits are becoming more focused in most countries, with an increasing number of specialists at the heart of the fiscal authorities. The exchange of information between different countries is becoming much more prevalent, leading to greater clarity over cross border tax takes.

The issue is not just confined to large multinationals. Medium sized and family businesses are also affected where their trading operations take them overseas. It is often in this area that there are easy pickings for tax inspectors descending on businesses which previously treated transfer pricing as a low priority.

Our transfer pricing team meet and work together frequently to a common standard, so you can be confident of consistency and good communication, key areas in the arena of International Taxation.

International Advice and Planning in Transfer Pricing

Design, planning and implementation of Transfer Pricing policies within multinational groups and TP advice in business restructuring and internationalization.

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Transfer Pricing Restructuring

We validate and value Merger & Aquisition and Corporate transactions from a transfer pricing perspective.

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Transfer Pricing Rules 2024

Mazars- Transfer Pricing Rules – the collection of local country transfer pricing requirements across jurisdictions.

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