Expatriate tax services

Trade globalisation is setting a new trend for international companies. However, international firms have to map out a well-considered cross-border employment policy. For international mobility of employment, the expatriation must be prepared in a careful manner, sufficiently in advance, and complying with regulations to managing risks.

The Mazars Expat Desk offers expertise in various areas. Our extensive service package offers:

  • Consultancy on salary split arrangement, special expatriate planning - meeting the needs of your business while being cost-efficient,
  • Consultancy on social security coverage during an assignment or cross-border commuter situation, including the application for a certificate of coverage,
  • Consultancy on foreign pension schemes and (international) stock option schemes,
  • Preparation of personal income tax returns,
  • Consultancy on residence applications and work permits
  • International payroll services.

It is essential for the employer and employee to come up with the most appropriate solution for local regulation while taking into account the employee’s personal profile.