Mazars and CGCUC held the meeting event: "How companies and their boards face the threats and opportunities of the pandemic"

On Wednesday, September 1, 2021, Mazars and the Center for Corporate Governance of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (CGCUC) held the breakfast event "How companies and their boards face the threats and opportunities of the pandemic", in Club 50. In the opportunity, it was presented the main results of a survey that both organizations carried out with directors of companies in Chile.

Internationally, Mazars and the Board Agenda conducted a similar study in England, in association with Henley Business School.

The welcome was given by Rubén López, a partner at Mazars, who explained that “we have lived through 17 months of a pandemic that has brought enormous challenges to people both personally and professionally. And, companies and their directories are no exception. There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has forced boards to make significant changes.

Luis Hernán Paúl, director of the CGCUC, presented the results of the survey – in which 113 directors participated – highlighting that digital transformation and long-term resilience have been the key issues on the minds of directors during the crisis.

Anita Holuigue, president of the TVN board, explained what the channel's experience has been like during this time. In addition, she stressed that in general moments of crisis are favorable to "think and assess what we are experiencing."

Meanwhile, the president and CEO of LarrainVial, Fernando Larraín, recounted how they adapted to teleworking and how this new scenario was approached by workers and also with clients. He stressed that the focus had to be on people. “What we had to try to do, in an industry where relationships are key, was keep relational capital alive,” he said.